Sam Kirkham

Sam Kirkham

Lancaster University Phonetics Lab
Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University
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I'm a Lecturer at Lancaster University, based in the Department of Linguistics and English Language and Lancaster University Phonetics Lab. I'm also a member of Lancaster's Language Variation and Change Research Group and NCUB's 50 Under 30 Network.

My research focuses on phonetic variability, mainly in the areas of speech production, sociophonetics, and laboratory phonology.


Acoustic-articulatory dynamics in speech production (funded by Lancaster University FASS Research Fund, 2012-14)

Variability in a liquid contrast: an ultrasound study of Bradford-Panjabi English (with Jessica Wormald)

Phonetics and phonology of intonational variation in North West England (with Claire Nance & Eve Groarke; funded by Lancaster University Summer Research Project Internship, 2014)


Ethnicity, social practice and phonetic variation (funded by Arts & Humanities Research Council Doctoral Award, 2009-12)

Cognitive profiling and effective training in special populations: Memory, creativity, fluid intelligence and language learning (with Alison Mackey (PI), Jenefer Philp, Patrick Rebuschat, David Yarowsky; funded by ONR, 2014-15).


Kirkham, Sam & Alison Mackey. forthcoming. Research, relationships and reflexivity: reflections on two case studies of language and identity. In: Peter De Costa (ed.) Exploring Ethical Issues from the Ground: Language Researcher Narratives. London: Routledge.

Kirkham, Sam. forthcoming. Urban communities of practice. In: Beatrix Busse & Ingo H. Warnke (eds) Language in Urban Space. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Kirkham, Sam & Emma Moore. 2013. Adolescence. In: J.K. Chambers & Natalie Schilling (eds) The Handbook of Language Variation and Change. Second edition. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 277-296. [ doi | pdf ]

Kirkham, Sam. 2013. Ethnicity, social practice and phonetic variation in a Sheffield secondary school. University of Sheffield PhD dissertation. [ link | pdf ]

Kirkham, Sam. 2011. The acoustics of coronal stops in British Asian English. Proceedings of the XVII International Congress of Phonetic Sciences 1102-1105. [ pdf ]

Kirkham, Sam. 2011. Personal style and epistemic stance in classroom discussion. Language and Literature 20(3): 201-217. [ doi | pdf ]


My teaching includes LING223 English Phonetics and LING327 Advanced English Phonetics, as well as co-teaching LING416 Sociophonetics. Basic scripts, experiment files and resources for various classes that I teach are available here.


I'm a musician - I currently play drums in a progressive metal band and Lancaster's Linguistics Department band, as well as organ in country-rock band The Hobo Conspiracy. I occasionally play guitar too. I also enjoy the wonderful countryside surrounding Lancaster, such as mountain biking down hills, exploring forests, and going to the beach.